iOS 16 release: everything you need to know about Apple’s big update

Apple introduced the iOS 16 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2016. This new operating system update has improved on many features that were previously missing in the older versions of iOS.

Announced at the firm’s developer conference in June, iOS 16 and watchOS 9 totally change the lockscreen, attempt to destroy the much maligned password, revamp notifications, and add new watchfaces, new running statistics and more.

Here’s what you need to know about the updates.

When can I get it?

Downloads for iOS and watchOS updates typically begin around 6pm UK time (1pm New York; 3am Sydney). Unlike other manufacturers, all eligible Apple devices will be able to download and install the update as soon as it’s released, not on a rolling basis. The update to Apple’s iPad line will be available later this year.

Which devices can get it?

All Apple smartphones from iPhone 8 from 2017 and up can install iOS 16. All Apple Watch Series 4 from 2018 and later can install watchOS 9.

How do I get it?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then go to General > Software Update. Tap install if available to download, verify, then reboot to install. You can also install updates through your Mac or iTunes on a Windows computer.

WatchOS 9 requires iPhone 8 or later running iOS 16 first. Then, open the Watch app and go to General > Software Update to begin the installation. You will need to put the smartwatch on its charger to complete the update process.

How much will it cost?

The update is free from Apple. If you are being asked to pay for an update, it is likely to be a scam.

iOS 16 – New lockscreen design

Lock Screen

The Lock Screen gets reimagined, offering deeper personalization. Now users can add a depth effect to their Lock Screen photo, artfully displaying the photo subject in front of the time, and they can even customize the font and type style. New widgets on the Lock Screen make it easy to get helpful information at a glance like upcoming calendar events, battery levels, alarms, time zones, Activity ring progress, and more.


Your face or fingerprint authenticated digital keys on iPhone can be used to sign in to websites, apps, and services instead of using a password. This will work on non-Apple products, such as connecting to a smart TV by scanning a QR code with your iPhone, then confirming with your face or finger.

Edit iMessages and unsend from Mail

Sent messages can now be edited or removed, for example when you’ve sent something to the wrong group, within the first 15 minutes. You can also mark messages as unread for later, as you might an email.

Automatically cut out objects from images

ios lookup

You can copy objects from the foreground of images, such as pets, plants, people and products and then paste or share them into other apps, documents or messages.

This is in addition to identifying, copying text and other elements, but requires an iPhone XS or newer.

Faster security updates

Apple has decoupled security updates from full iOS updates, allowing it to release bug fixes faster and have them automatically install on user iPhones.

More running metrics and better workouts

More running metrics and better workouts
The workout app has several improvements. The watch can record running energy without an accessory, and can display more metrics like stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, and heart rate zones.

Medication and sleep

The health app can now remind you to take medications and keep a log straight from the wrist. Sleep tracking is also improved, with steps and comparison charts in the iPhone app.

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