How to choose a perfect diamond necklace for a modern bride

How to choose a perfect diamond necklace for a modern bride

Everything about diamonds is top-notch. These gems are the rarest, most expensive, hardest, lustrous, and most desirable of all gemstones. Mankind’s love of diamonds dates back to the 4th century BC22. Before Christ, they were not used only for decorative purposes.

Thousands of years later, nothing is more exciting than buying a diamond necklace. As a surprise gift for a loved one or as an additional family heirloom, a diamond necklace is an investment that can be passed down for generations.

However, choosing the right diamond necklace is easier said than done as they are all unique and wonderful. So how can you decide which one suits you best? We’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choice from the wide variety of diamond necklace designs in the United States.

4 Criteria to Look for Before Buying a Diamond Necklace

  1. The 4C’s

The most popular system used globally to assess a diamond’s quality is the 4C system. The 4 C’s stand for the four parameters:


Diamonds with fewer colors and inclusions are more expensive. There are different scales for measuring color and clarity, as well as the degree of stone imperfection. Clarity plays an important role in distinguishing between two different types of stone, as no two diamonds have the same inclusions.

Despite other standards of perfection, a poorly cut diamond is dull and lifeless. A finely cut diamond, on the other hand, absorbs light and gives off its brilliance and charm. A perfectly cut diamond is expensive regardless of size or color. There are several ways to choose a diamond cut, including:


  1. The point of purchase

The adage “not all that glitters is gold” applies to diamonds and other gemstones. Are all the stones you see in jewelry stores diamonds? What is the authenticity and assurance that you are buying a well-cut gemstone? Diamonds are a great achievement and the answers to these questions are inevitable.

We recommend purchasing diamonds from recognized and trusted experts in the industry, such as Facet of Love. Each gemstone is thoroughly measured and tested for the 4 C’s, so you get only the most cost-effective.

  1. The necklace-type

Your diamond should sit or hang on a stable piece of metal. The metal you use should also complement the stone and make it dignified in its own way. Gold is perhaps the only precious metal that meets all these criteria and enhances the splendor and elegance of a necklace. White gold and platinum are his second-best choices for displaying diamonds. Diamonds to compliment your formal attire Whether you’re buying jewelry as a classy item to adorn your neck on a daily basis, extensive planning is required before delving into the process.

  1. The length of the chain

The length of the chain that carries the diamond (or diamonds) depends on your inclinations. Standard lengths are 16 to 24 inches. The 16-inch chain fits comfortably over the sternum and the 25 inch chain reaches well below the sternum. If you buy a formal event, you should choose a more appropriate and modest plan. Whether you plan to attend an ethnic or traditional event, choose a stronger and longer chain. please give me.

The following section describes the types of diamond necklaces available from reputable diamond jewelers around the world.

Varieties by Style

  1. Diamond Solitaire necklace

The single diamond necklace has a unique name – the solitaire diamond necklace. This is one of his most classic styles that has stood the test of time and is still loved by many today.

The necklace features a claw-setting single-stone pendant attached to a chain with a small bow. Solitaire chains come in a variety of pendant shapes, including hearts, pairs, teardrops, ovals, and classic rounds. The stone is supported by six or four prongs and the cut reflects maximum light, creating a unique and magical glow.

  1. Floating Diamond necklace

This jewelry style features a central stone that hangs from a delicate chain. The center stone is surrounded by an even or uneven arrangement of loose stones, creating a flowing stream effect that will amaze anyone with its glittering brilliance. This is known as the Halo style. Round-cut diamonds are the classic choice for floating necklaces, but princess-cut diamonds, oval stones, and cushion-cut diamonds are also ideal.

  1. Three-Stone necklace

The Three Stone Necklace, as the name suggests, consists of three symmetrically connected diamonds arranged in a vertical row. The stone hangs in a vertical teardrop style from a chain. Sometimes the stones are arranged horizontally. Usually, the stones vary in size and are arranged “small to large”.

The stone named ‘Trinity’ or ‘Trilogy’ means ‘yesterday, today, tomorrow’ or ‘I loved you, I love you and I will love you forever’.

How to Choose Diamond Necklace Designs Based on Neck Length & Face Type

one of the most reputable diamond jewelry stores in the United States, say that neck length and face type should be considered when choosing a diamond necklace. Here are some quick tips based on these criteria:

  • Elongated matinee necklaces are best suited for round faces.
  • A triangular face requires a large chunky necklace or a necklace with a large pendant.
  • A pendant hanging from a long chain is perfect for a pear-shaped face.
  • Short necklaces are best for women with long faces.

The Takeaway

Every woman deserves a diamond of her own. However, to make your investment worthwhile, talk to experts from Facet of Love Jewelry Store, USA, who will help you finalize your choice and make your time, effort, and money worthwhile.

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