How To Wear Different Colour Sarees With Contrast Blouses!

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A saree is such a lot of feelings at the identical time. It`s a perfect depiction of splendour and sheer elegance. Being a real illustration of the Indian way of life, this 9 yards of material has distinctively developed in distinct states and areas of India. 

The saree has been a critical part of girls’ apparel in the Indian way of life considering historical times and is now extensively recognized throughout the globe with many conventional and current interpretations to it.

Styling a saree isn’t any extra constrained to choices! The distinguishable techniques to try with sarees and blouses have amazed each fashionista! Even a long time back, our Indian women were not available with different styling options for saree and draping styles. 

Most girls needed to observe the traditional styling recommendations and draping styles. But with the style revolution in India, the idea of blend and fit has levelled up the styling game! Women are testing with sarees, fabrics, or even blouses.  

With time, designers of today’s technology have given a twist to those effortless sarees. Nowadays, it’s a fashion to combine and fit uncomplicated sarees with clothier blouses. Deviations in colours, designs, and styles can upload a plus factor to any saree look.

Mismatching and contrasting blouses with sarees are in vogue these days. We see every other woman choosing to wear blouses that don’t fit with matching blouses. Such is the demand for contrasting blouses. But, when choosing a contrasting blouse, you cannot wear any colour with a saree. Some sarees are only suitable for blouses of a specific colour. So let’s take a look at different coloured sarees and contrasting blouses that go well with them.

Different coloured sarees and contrasting blouses that go well with them

  1. Orange Coloured Saree

Orange is a bright colour that you can test with. So if you own an orange saree, you can wear multiple colours with it. Cream blouse, blue blouse, yellow blouse, red blouse, etc. You can play with many colours, an orange saree goes well with any bright blouse.

  1. Pink Coloured Saree

Pink is a delicate and soothing colour. So, on the contrary, you can wear light and dark colours with it. Colours like black, blue, green, and white will go well with a pink saree. If the saree is plain, wear a patterned blouse and similarly if the saree has a pattern on it, select a plain blouse.

  1. Golden Coloured Saree

Golden will match any colour shirt. You can choose a red blouse, pink blouse, black blouse, blue or green blouse. If the shirt has a gold thread on it, regardless of its colour, it will look great. Wearing a designer heavy blouse will give your saree look a breathtaking touch.

  1. Blue Saree

For bright colours like blue, choose light blouses in yellow, light green, silver, white, or nude. Since the blue colour itself is so tempting, you can keep the blouse contrasting subtly but still stylish.

  1. Green Coloured Saree

Green has many shades. So, when picking a contrasting blouse, you must check the shade of green on your saree. If it’s a lighter colour, you can choose a pink, white, or silver blouse. If it has a darker tone, you can select dark colours like purple, blue, black, red or brown.

  1. Red Coloured Saree

At the same time, to make a red saree look more beautiful and decent, a smart job can be done. The best technique is a decent blouse in attractive colours with interesting textures. Blouse Colours like blue, green, yellow, black and golden will do just miracles to your saree look.

  1. Black Coloured Saree

Many of us fall to our knees when we see a rich black saree, don’t we? It exudes an exotic charm and at the same time looks urbane but also very sexy! Moreover, if the style of this beautiful black saree is right, it will exude absolute luxury. 

However, the black saree is presumably one of the most effortless to style, if the saree is plain or simple, wear it with different coloured blouses each time. Black works well with bright colours and pink, red, green or grey works well with it.

  1. Silver Coloured Saree

Silver and grey are colours that can be combined with many different options. One of our favoured options. Whether in silver or grey saree, the satisfying factor is that they come in more tones. From metallic grey to subtle bluish silver, each colour has its own admiration and is ideal for any casual function. Colours like deep blue, white, black, purple, or any dark-coloured blouse will just blend perfectly with a silver-coloured saree.

  1. Purple Coloured Saree

Purple is appropriate for all skin tones due to its collaboration with the neutral colour range. Sometimes you can add a little purple element that can be embroidered along the bodice, lace or applique on the neckline or sleeves. Pink, green, golden, blue, orange, maroon, dark red, and mustard yellow coloured blouse will enhance your look like a royal queen.

  1. Yellow Coloured Saree

Yellow and golden are considered similar colours to quite a great extent. Yellow is never afraid to combine with different colours. Colours like Pink, Black, Blue, metallic green, purple, red, even white, golden, silver, basic green, etc. go perfect with Yellow coloured blouses.

How do you select blouse designs for plain Sarees? 

There are no general rules for choosing a particular blouse pattern that exactly matches your plain saree. You can mix and match colours and textures with the saree as per your creativity to get a variety of looks. Here are some suggestions for you to choose the best saree design. 


If you have a plain saree with thin or thick lace, you can pair your saree with any brocade or embroidered blouse


This seamless saree can go with any high-end printed, embroidered, or decorative top. You can even experiment with different blouse collar designs. 


You can show off your fashion sense by trying on undersized blouses, crew necks or blazers with plain mesh tops or tank tops. 


If you want to wear plain sarees to a friend’s wedding, you should definitely pair them with a heavily embroidered blouse. You can choose a high collar blouse or a crew neck blouse with thick embroidery. 


Business sarees should look like formal wear. So try a basic and simple printed blouse in contrasting colours. You can opt for a cotton blouse with a plain tank top for a polished look.

Draping up the blog

Life is all about experimenting with new things, whether it is with food or clothes, we must keep on experimenting. We hope this article claims to be useful for our readers who are confused about which blouse colour can go with their sarees.

If you want to know more about what saree colours will go with your skin complexion or what saree type will be suitable for your body type, then do check our online store’s blog section to get all the desired information.

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