6 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

6 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Despite the pandemic, the home renovation market continues to grow. The home improvement market is expected to reach $281 billion in 2021 and grow over the next year, according to the Home Improvement America report from the Center for Shared Housing Research at Harvard University.

The pandemic has spurred the home improvement industry, causing a variety of housing changes and pushing up spending on home improvement. Many homeowners are facing the need for more space for working from home and distance learning. This continues to drive up spending on indoor and outdoor replacement projects.

In general, the recent increase in resident mobility and the common practice of working from home has made households more flexible.

Read on to learn about next year’s top home renovation projects, according to experts.

1. Modernize Your Home Office With a Focus on Productivity

During the pandemic, people are struggling to find the right place at home due to the shift to telecommuting and distance learning. Houzz 2021 Emerging Home Design Trends report found that searches for a home office increased by 108%. I’m here. Some are returning to work, while others are transitioning to hybrid work schedules that require a productive home office.

2. More windows to connect with nature

Windows, doors and wall glass are increasing in number as homeowners seek a stronger connection with nature. There is a growing trend to replace windows, doors, and sometimes entire walls to accommodate larger glass options. Some have skylights and large floor-to-ceiling windows that blend in perfectly with the outside world.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most noticeable lifestyle changes since the pandemic is the desire to spend more time outdoors. As further evidence of this trend, his 2021 survey by the American Institute of Architects found that the demand for open space among respondents increased from 61% for him to 71% for him. This trend is expected to continue until 2022. Bringing the outside world in is a common theme in many home improvement projects, and 2022 is expected to be a similar trend.

4. New floor coverings to suit the new trend

Replacing old floors is one of the most planned renovation projects in 2021, and the trend will continue next year. When considering home improvement projects for 2022, it’s important to think about what adds value to your home. According to Realtor.com, homes with hardwood floors sell 2.5% more than homes with other types of floors, with an ROI of 70% to 80%.

Medium brown and driftwood finish are very popular in 2021. In 2022, flooring trends are expected to follow similar styles, with some of the most popular beings:

✔️ Natural wood color

✔️ Smoked wood flooring

✔️ Seasoned wood

✔️ Bleached wood

✔️ Reclaimed barn wood tile

✔️ Herringbone floor

5. Focus on Wellness Design and Sustainability

Flexible spaces, outdoor living, and smart features meet the health goals of today’s homeowners. The well-furnished home furnishings market is highly influenced by consumer preferences.

Letitia Laurent, her designer and founder of Laure Nel Interiors, said: Homeowners are looking for wellness facilities like steam rooms, hot tubs, zen gardens, and smart appliances that fit their lifestyle.

6. Improvements to outside yards and plots

The average homeowner spent $8,408 on exterior additions such as porches, decks, patios, and roof improvements. Behind this type of home improvement project, you need to spend extra time outdoors.

Homeowners who spend more tend to turn to optional projects such as luxury kitchen upgrades and disaster preparedness solutions. Invest in flood protection solutions for your home.

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