Tips For Eating Healthy – How, When and What to Eat?

Tips for Eating Healthy – How, When and What to Eat

How to Eat?

1) Pay Attention

Eating should not be a routine. you have to see Your body needs so much food today that you eat a lot, and you may not need as much tomorrow. All animals are aware of this. If you have a dog at home, even the dog refuses to eat on certain days. Today they are chastising him so stupidly that he eats every day. Otherwise, it’s no surprise he doesn’t eat anything on certain days. He eats grass, spits it out, and does his own cleansing. All living things are aware of this, but humans use their intellect to decide what to do.

2) Eat with Gratitude

One must eat, but we must enjoy the nourishment that food provides and eat with gratitude for what it means to our lives. It should not take away the joy of eating. . The real joy of eating is to merge with your own life and become aware of another life that is ready to become you. That is the greatest pleasure a human being has ever known. that’s what you call love That’s what you call dedication. This is the ultimate goal of the spiritual process.

3) Sit in a Cross-legged Posture on the Floor and Eat

Yoga culture always encourages crossing your legs and never straightening your legs against any form of energy. This is important. Because you can receive what comes to you in different ways. The intention of yoga is to always receive it from the higher aspects of your life. Having a sacred space means that there is a powerful energy that transforms you. This energy must always come to you from the highest potential you can have. We don’t want to improve our survival process. We want to enhance other aspects of our lives. Surviving is very important, but surviving better than someone else is not the goal of life. It’s a waste of time because no matter what you do, you won’t survive forever.

4) Eat with Your Hands

If you don’t touch the food, you don’t know what it is. If the food isn’t good enough to touch, I don’t know how it’s good enough to be eaten! Also, the cleanliness of your hands is entirely in your hands, but the cleanliness of your spoons and forks is not necessarily in your hands. , rest assured. If it’s a fork, I don’t know who used it, how, or for what. Just wipe it with a tissue and it will be clean.

5) Chew Your Food Twenty-four Times

Yoga says, “After you take a bite, you have to chew it 24 times.”, is not causing sluggishness to the system. After 24 chews, that food’s information locks into your system, and every cell in your body starts deciding what’s right for you and what’s not. It is suitable. Do this for a while and every cell in your body will be educated about what they like and don’t like.

6) No Talking While Eating!

For the first time since I first came to the United States, I have been told what to do when someone is choking and trying to eat in public places, especially in schools and throughout the summer camp where we hosted a program. I don’t understand why someone would choke on food. We weren’t made like fish, so if someone drowned in a pool, we would understand. I have to learn to swim. People who can’t swim well can drown, but why should people choke on food? The main reason they choke is that they talk a lot while eating. We have not seen such a simple thing. All we have to do is enjoy our food and eat in peace.

When to Eat?

1) Wait for Two Minutes Before You Eat

Many of you may have suffered this torture when you came to the Ashram: It is dinner time and you are very hungry and you come to the dining room. There is food in front of you and you want to eat it. . But people close their eyes and fold their hands in prayer. The idea is that you are very hungry, but he will wait two more minutes. Try anything that inspires you. Please wait 2 minutes. it won’t kill you It makes you so strong.

Gautama the Buddha even said, “When you are very hungry and in dire need of food, if you give your food to someone else, you will become strong.” I won’t go that far. Saying “Wait two minutes” will definitely make you stronger.

2) Digestion Matters – Eat According to Your Age and Activity

What you call your body or mind is a constant store of memories. It was precise because of that memory—or should I say information—that the body took shape. What we eat changes in our bodies through this memory. Let’s say you eat a mango. A mango enters and becomes a man. When a woman eats a mango, the same mango enters her body and turns into a woman. When a cow eats a mango, it enters the cow and becomes a cow. Why does this mango get inside me and make me a man instead of a woman or a cow? It is essentially memory, a specific type of memory that exists in my system.

If you’re over 35, eating twice a day is definitely good for your health, unless you’re very physically active or have a medical condition. Your body adapts to this slowdown, but if you’re aware of how you’re eating and what you’re eating, you can adapt more intelligently. It takes a heavy burden. Now that vertical growth is complete, you don’t need that much food anymore. If you are feeling a little hungry or tired, the fruit should take care of you in the meantime. If you can maintain this, you will live very well. It’s economical, environmentally friendly, and healthy.

3) Two Meals a Day and No Snacking in Between!

Once the digestive process takes place in the stomach, the body’s detoxification process at the cellular level almost stops. Therefore, if you eat all day long, your cells will retain impurities for a long time, causing various problems over time. It is not efficient because it enters the colon on time.

4) Mind and Body Function Best on an Empty Stomach

You may think that eating all day will help you be more active. It turns out that the body and brain work best when they are empty. When food is constantly being processed in the digestive system, a certain amount of energy is naturally available, so both the brain and body are not functioning optimally.

5) Dinner Time and Bed Time

Before bedtime should be no more than 3 hours after dinner. A system is generally healthy if it includes at least 20-30 minutes of light physical activity (such as simple walking). Going to bed with food in your stomach creates a constant sluggishness in your system. Physiologically, this inertia is like acceleration to death. Death is the ultimate inertia.

6) Fasting on Ekadashi

Fasting once is good, but forcing yourself to abstain from eating can damage your system. We have identified certain days of the lunar month when digestion is not optimal. On these two days of the moon known as Ekadasi, the eleventh day after the full and new moons, it is best to eat only light food or fast completely. Ekadashi is built into the system. If you can fast, fast. If you can’t do that, go on a fruit diet.

What to Eat?

1) Eat What Makes You Agile and Alive

Your body is different every moment of every day, so your decisions about whether or not to eat certain foods change from day to day. Feeling food will tell you if you want to eat it that day. There is no need to tell people what to eat if the necessary awareness is brought about. For each meal, you have to decide what to eat at that time.

There is no recipe for what you will eat for the rest of your life. But sugar and carbs are certainly a serious problem. But the real long-term challenge is getting people off meat.

2) Eat Fresh

Every few years there are different theories about what kind of food to eat and quite a few people follow them religiously. Food should not be a religion. It’s not what you or anyone else believes. It’s about food-wise.

3) Eating for Wellbeing

Eating is a deal. Take what is on earth into your body. Your body works best when the food you eat comes from the part of the world you live in. Suppose you live on land and grow and eat your own food. Within a month you will see very noticeable changes in your physical health. If we got in touch with the planet we live on and our food came from where we live and not from other places, I think we could reduce the incidence of cancer on this planet by at least 50%.

4) Eat Seasonal

In India, it is cooked this way in the summer, and the rainy season and winter depending on the vegetables available at that time and what is suitable for the body. It is good to bring this wisdom and eat according to the needs of the body and the weather and climate in which we live.

5) Plant-Based Diet

Living cells have everything they need to sustain life. When we ingest living cells, we find that the system’s sense of health is very different from what we have known before. When we cook food, we destroy the life within it. Eating food after this destruction process does not give the same amount of life energy to the system.

6) Fruit Diet

Digestion means Jataraguni, the fire of digestion. Fruit is definitely best when those fires need to burn most effectively. Life has not touched them, so they enjoy the fact that some of them are dead. It makes me feel better than anything else. Fruit will only be a problem for such people as it keeps you alert and awake.

7) Eating Right While Traveling

Especially for those of us who travel and engage in various activities, it is not always possible to eat the ideal kind of food. If you’re sensitive to what’s going on in your body, simply cut your next meal in half or skip one — that’s all your body needs to recover.

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